WHAT You Say Productions FAQs:
The pig is rated the fourth most intelligent mammal, behind dolphins, whales, and lab mice. Pork is tasty and it's the world’s most widely eaten meat. A-H1N1 might be a defense plan.
WHAT You Say produces top-quality commercial and non-commercial entertainment for broadcast and the web.

Lean pork is recognized as a nutritious choice in the Meat & Beans Group, with many cuts as lean as skinless chicken – look for the word “loin” in the name, such as tenderloin or loin chop or cheek loin.
WHAT You Say's work has been recognized by the Writer's Guild of America, the Museum of Radio and Television (The Paley Institute), the National Audio Theater Federation and the BBC.
Over 180 species of pig live across the globe, including the rarest, the hairy miniature Tsarina pig of Antarctica.
Labeled “unclean” for lying in mud, pigs actually do this to cool off because they have no sweat glands. Given a Ritz Carlton spa pass, they are cleaner than 87% of Multnomah County.
WHAT You Say's long-standing collaboration with One Act Audio Theatre has resulted in several awards, including the Mark Time Award for Science Fiction and the Ogle Award for Horror and Fantasy.
Sea captains once kept pigs on board, believing in the event of a shipwreck, pigs always swam toward the nearest shore. In practice, however, the noble pig will always choose to go down with the ship.
When free-roaming pigs rampaged the grain fields of Manhattan Island, residents built a long wall to protect the crops. The street that came to border the wall was named Pig Street.*

*actually Wall Street, but you get the joke (ed.)